Musical Mad Libs: Still Hurting

This is the 8th week of Musical Mad Libs, which means it is our TWO MONTH ANNIVERSARY.

How have these last two months been for you? Is the weather better? Have you been eating more guacamole? I’m probably more up to date on your life than I’d like to admit because I Facebook stalk you, but if the fancy ever strikes, leave me a comment and tell me about your dreams or your dog or what song you can’t stop singing in the shower.

I hope you are well and full of avocados. Thank you for hanging out with me for a few minutes every Monday! Cheers to a fabulous week <3



Musical Mad Libs: Take Me or Leave Me

Boy oh boy, am I excited to share this week’s video with you! My beautiful songbird of a friend, Abbe, is singing with me and we had the most fun filming. Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated with myself all alone in my basement, but we were laughing so much at our mistakes that it never occurred to me. Frandship, you know what I mean?

Thank you so much for watching. I hope this bit of belting brightens up your Monday!

Next week, I’ll be singing “I’m Still Hurting” from The Last Five Years. The Musical Mad Lib is, “I’m still __________.” Fill in the blank in a comment below!

Musical Mad Libs: Cabaret

When I was in high school, I discovered that the public library had an entire cabinet full of musical theatre cds. I listened to Alan Cumming and Natasha Richardson singing Cabaret every night before I went to sleep … which makes for weird dreams.

I loved that cd so much that I apparently assumed I could keep it — I ended up racking up a $100 bill in late fees. It took months of babysitting to pay it off!

But you know what? Once I paid the bill, I did keep that cd. So there. Follow your dreams.

I hope this week’s musical mad libs is a quick reminder to make time for things you love, even if it doesn’t earn you money or get you Instagram famous. Do a little dance, doodle a little doodle, listen to a cd you stole from a public library. Enjoy, and have a great week! <3

Musical Mad Libs: I Kissed A Girl

In middle school, I liked to read books, AIM away messages, and notes my friends passed in math class (in all classes). I tYpEd LiKe ThIs AnD iT mAdE mE rEaLlY hApPy — wow that is so hard to do. I went to every school dance I could because I loved spending the rest of the week gossiping with my friends. I did all my homework, but I didn’t get much sleep.

When I liked a boy, I would pine after him for months, decoding his instant messages and prank calling his landline. I would literally pray TO GOD that he would ask me to slow dance. Adorable. Sad. Prepubescent.

Maybe blasphemous.

This Mad Lib comes from that middle schooler’s point of view.

Next week, I’ll be singing “Reflection” from Mulan, and the musical mad lib is “Who is that _____ I see?”

Thank you for watching and have a beautiful week!

Hair Extensions Changed My Perspective on Hollywood Beauty


“But in terms of celebrity hair — the kind I used to covet and kick myself over — I’ve been filled with an immense sense of peace. 

Because I realized that it’s all fake!

 Once Britney shaved her head and began wearing very visible extensions, my eyes were opened.

How did I ever think her full “Oops I Did It Again” up-do was actually made out of her natural hair? She’d been wearing extensions all along—that’s how she could bleach the bejesus out of her hair while avoiding the deranged scarecrow look.

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Musical Mad Libs: The Sound of Music

When I was a baby, my beautiful mother would sing me to sleep every night. One of her favorite musicals is The Sound of Music, and she would cover all the best numbers: Edelweiss, That Song About Deer, and, the title song, The Sound of Music.

Later, when I was older and having trouble with anxiety, my mom recorded these songs on a cassette tape for me to listen to as I tried to calm down and rest. Even though I love Julie Andrews, to me, my mom originated the role of Maria and was totally snubbed at the Oscars — you was robbed, Mom!

What better way to pay tribute to these golden childhood memories than to turn this joyous song into a diddy about farts?

I had a lot of fun making this, and cannot stress how much I LOVE reading your suggestions! Thank you!!

Musical Mad Libs: On My Own

It’s no secret that I love Les Miserables. The show has so many vivid, incredible characters that you can find one to fit any mood. Having an identity crisis? Listen to Jean Valjean’s songs! Have a bad cough? Go with Fantine. Maybe you are having some dating problems. In that case, Eponine is your girl.

Eponine’s big song, “On My Own,” is about painfully unrequited love, and even though it’s deeply personal, I wanted to share my own experience with a one-sided relationship. It seemed fitting.

THANK YOU to everyone who sent me Mad Lib suggestions last week. Hearing from you made me crazy happy, and all the hilarious suggestions were SO INSPIRING. I was worried I would post a video and immediately lose steam, but I could not WAIT to write this song and film this video. So, thank you, thank you — thrice! — thank you.

In case you were wondering, I did all my own stunts in this video. Mister was such a trooper during filming, but he was not pleased that I neglected to call his agent beforehand. FYI, we don’t always abuse each other that much. In fact, he is currently asleep (being a complete adorable dead weight) on my arm as I type this. I am losing feeling in all my fingers, but he is just so darn cute and soft — he can stay there as long as he wants.

P.S. If there are songs you’d like to hear in the future, please let me know!

Quitting the Gym

Around this time last year, I went to the gym two or three times a week. I had a routine: bop around on the elliptical for about 40 minutes, lift a five-pound weight for about 10 minutes, and then do a bunch of crunches in front of the mirror until I got bored.

My gym offered classes, but I’d arrive late and spend the whole time comparing my body to everyone else’s. It’s really hard to maintain proper downward dog form when you’re eyeballing your neighbor’s waistline.

Even though exercise has always been important to me, I wasn’t really doing anything at the gym. I wasn’t getting fit, I wasn’t kicking butt, and I definitely wasn’t feeling good. In fact, I was barely breaking a sweat. However, I was spending $39 a month on a membership. For a place where I wasn’t really doing anything, the gym was really expensive.

So I quit. And turned to YouTube.