In Defense of Redheads

I have been dyeing my hair since I was twelve, and it has been the following colors: brown, light brown, dark brown, black, blonde, “dishwater” blonde, really blonde, white, Lizzie McGuire-yellow, crayon-yellow, orange, oops-orange, lavender, pink, and red.

And I can say, without a doubt, that redheads are the MOST discriminated against, by far.

This is my second round “in the red,” and multiple people have already asked where I put my soul. Just because I don’t walk around with my soul hanging out does not mean I am not a real woman. Gotta have some self respect, am I right?

Also, apparently having red hair on your head gives complete strangers license to inquire about the color of other hair on your body. Um, hello, my arm hair is RIGHT HERE. If you need another point of reference, check out my mustache; I’ve been growing it in real nice to earn LA street cred. If you continue to bother me, I will have no choice but to show you my three inch leg hair and you will be haunted by that image for the rest of your life.

There are other unique challenges being a redhead, starting with the way every single fabric in every single color seems to clash with red, so you have to be more thoughtful when throwing on sweats in the morning (my pink velour track suit is currently out of commission).

Ariel Pink Dress Issues

Furthermore, you can’t run or walk quickly or hold your breath in public because if even your nose turns off-pink, you automatically look like the AirHead mascot.

airheadANYWAY, my plea is thus: give redheads a break. Would you ever ask about these women’s carpet to drape comparison?

AdeleAmy AdamsChristina HendricksElizabeth_I_(Armada_Portrait)
Emma StoneI Love LucyJessica ChastainJulianna Moore
Molly WeasleyRihannaNicole KidmanEmily Blunt

(I didn’t think so.)

There are only two “gingers” I think it’s okay to make jokes about, and it’s not even that much fun anymore.

Lindsay Lohan

7 thoughts on “In Defense of Redheads

  1. I am a secret red head of sorts. I have red highlights and tinges in my hair that I did not color. One day, a guy in NYC asked if I was a red head. He then preceded to tell me that according to national geographic, all red heads were going to be extinct by the year 2100! Yay for unsolicited information! I feel like there should be an endangered species list with red heads on it, and an acceptance program! Lolz

  2. Miss Christina,

    Not currently being a red haired girl, it is hard for me to exactly identify with your specific –ism. However, I was born in South-East Texas, among the piney woods and bayous, at one point I actually worked in a refinery in Pasadena, Texas. You being a youngster you might want to view Urban Cowboy. So does this automatically mean I’m a hick? Well pretty much is does. I’ve experienced some of the forms of those –isms. People place you in groups depending on what you dive, yes I did have a diesel. How you dress, levi’s vs wrangler’s, you’d be surprised how divisive this can be. And of course how you sound, which is odd cause I’ve never had an accent, now all you other people, yall’ve got accents. I believe however I’ve overcome my hick filled past, to become a rather open minded multi view pointed sort of male human. We all are in a quest to rise above what our parents implanted in us. And even though we’ve aged we still care what those around us think. That freaking peer pressure thing is alive an well and still running rampant. Where the heck was I going with this? Well I guess it’s isn’t about hair color, –isms are everywhere there are people willing to make distinctions. I like your hair no matter what color it might be today, it sets you apart. Have a happy Tuesday. Smiles sweet lady

  3. I, too, love you no matter what color your hair is (although my preference is regular blonde). It is not the color of the hair that makes a woman, but the openness, honestly, and humility of her heart. Whaaaaaaaaat? Love you lots!!

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