3 thoughts on “Cat vs. Car

  1. Car equals job opportunities and the ability to make money to pay for itself. A cat can also not love you just as easily as a car can. Also I’m allergic to cats which means I couldn’t visit you…you can secretly put that in the pro column. I won’t blame you.

    Also compared to what we owe as USC students, a car and a cat are not even the biggest part of your financial concerns.

  2. Miss Christina,

    Are we talking a new car vs. new cat, or used car vs. used cat? The new car and cat are both fun when you get them and you both learn things about each other as you grow older togerther. On the other hand the used versions, well they have history which you will never know. Why would once you leave the house alone to your used cat would it take out its rage on your fancy red dress? Or why does that used cars left wheel whine at highway speeds, is it about to fly off? Just questions that might need to be addressed. I haven’t bought a new car since 1989, and only have gotten rescue pets, with so far good luck. But you just never know what sort of lemon scented purchases could happen. I wish you the best of luck in your future acquisitions. happiness and smiles dear lady

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