Ask Me How I’m Feeling: Day Changers

A day changer is a sentence or an event or even just a weird eye contact situation that, well, changes your day. Day changers can be both negative and positive, so I’ve indicated which is which with — surprise! — negative and positive signs. You’re welcome.

(I had two glasses of wine at lunch, so this doesn’t quite qualify as drunk ask me how I’m feeling, but I should let you know that there is some pinot grigio involved.)

+ “Have another glass of wine.”
– “We are out of wine.”
– “We don’t serve hard alcohol.”
– “We don’t serve any alcohol.”
+ “Your legs look great.”
– “I understand why you hate exercise. I’m out of shape, too.”
+ Zing! Blog post idea.
– This idea was funnier in my head.
+ My essay is way over word count!
– My essay is way over word count.
+ So many people are in love.
– It is all being documented on Facebook.
+ Spring is in the air!!!!
– Re: Facebook.
– I’m addicted to Facebook.

+ It is gorgeous outside, I should tan.
– “I need you to stay at work a little late today.”
+ Awesome internship.
– Free labor.
+ Finding an open seat in the library.
– “My friend is coming.”
+ Getting the door held open for you.
– Getting your butt pinched.
+ I look awesome.
– “You look tired.”
+ You can make videos for the internet!
– You are that biotch who makes videos for the internet.
+ But I’m so young.
– But you’re so young.
+ My apartment is so clean!
– Rent is due.

+ ” I made you dinner…”
– “… it’s vegan.”
+ Feminism.
– “Women can’t be funny and sexy at the same time.”
+ Lucy.
+ Carol.
+ Tina.
+ My grandmother.
+ Wine at lunch.
– Hangover by 3:00 pm.

The Ask Me How I’m Feeling Verdict, from the library basement …
tiredFriday. I feel Friday.

Happy weekend to you all. I hope it is filled with only MAGICAL day changers (like “THIS IS THE WINNING TICKET” and “Oh, you don’t have to pay for that,” etc, etc.)

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