That project you have been eschewing? You can do it. Online dating? You can do it. Cooking healthy food for yourself? You can do it! You are the captain of the S.S. Your Life. You are literate (if you’ve gotten this far), and capable, and — let’s not forget — a person who passed 8th grade algebra, which is really really hard.

That run you want to go on? You can do it. That trip you’ve been meaning to plan? You can do it. That TV series that you want to watch entirely in one sitting? Well, you don’t need me to tell you: you can do it!

Job applications? Housing applications? Grad school applications? I can’t guarantee anything except that you can do it. But I think that’s pretty awesome. Meeting new people? Finding friends? Dealing with your family? It seems daunting, and it will take time, but you can do it!

I feel a little dumb writing this because I know you know you can do it, but I also know (from experience) that sometimes it just feels good to be reminded. Maybe I am not the right person to remind you! Call your mom, call your oldest friend, or — here — listen to Rob Schneider!

Or the original case of [Title of Show].

Look, you already read a whole blog post today! Now you know you can do anything!

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