The Second Day

Greetings, live from the urine-stained underbelly of Los Angeles public transportation! I have already seen a wheelchair fight and been handed two pamphlets on how to save my soul (apparently I have to consume some God cookies ASAP).

Despite the man reeking of (holding a bag full of) garbage next to me, I am feeling particularly lucky this summer. I am working with a brand new app (which you should check out by the way!) and commuting downtown for a dream internship with one of my favorite magazines. Oh, and on the weekends, I dress like a mermaid and make balloon animals. So I am one. lucky. bug.

That being said, I have made some observations about The Beginnings of Things: the first day of school, work, prison … you know! It’s easy to wake up at the crack of dawn on day one, but Tuesdays, for some reason, feel like a hangover. Here, let me show you what I mean through the interpretive art of doodles using work as an example.

First Day 1




First Day_5

Even at the best job, at the best school, or the best penitentiary, Tuesdays are really hard. So I commend you, dear readers, for getting out of bed this morning! I wish you all the food trucks in the world!

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