Ask Me How I’m Feeling: “Ugly Athletes”

I was outraged yesterday when I clicked on this link a friend shared on Facebook. The Public Shaming post shows tweet after tweet calling Marion Bartoli, the 28 year-old Wimbledon champion, ugly. “I don’t want an ugly bitch to win,” says one tweet. Some ask that the tennis star lift her skirt so the world can see her penis. Others call her a slut, an ape, and a dyke.

I can’t even.

Marion Bartoli could probably take these imbeciles’ heads off with her backhand and, thank ye Internet gods, these people have no say in measuring her talent. She just won Wimbledon. Girl can play tennis.

But of course the idea of judging a woman on her looks when she should be getting credit for her talents bugged me all day. I wanted to seek revenge for Marion. I wanted to make those twitter d-bags pay.

So I Googled “Ugly Athletes,” thinking, I bet some of those football players are super hideous under their helmets. If I post pictures of dudes who are revered for their accomplishments in sports, then that will make anyone insulting Marion look dumb!

I found a website that listed the “50 Ugliest Athletes of All Time” and combed through the pictures, hoping to find that whoever won the Super Bowl this year looks a lot like my kitten’s butt. Instead, I became outraged all over again, especially when I saw Alex Ovechkin, who is considered a god in the Wolfgram household. Yes, he is missing teeth but that doesn’t detract from how many PUCKS he HASN’T missed!

Alex Ovechkin
When I asked for requests about what to write about in July, someone suggested “misandry.” Misandry is a word for man-hating, and has been used in some arguments against feminism. (Which, by the way, is incorrect. Feminism, by definition, in no way encourages hatred for men. For the record.) Since seeing this suggestion, I’ve kept my eyes open for instances where I might fall into patterns of misandry, and I guess today is my lucky day.

I almost posted pictures of “ugly” men to counter a bunch of stupid comments about a woman’s appearance. THAT would absolutely be an act of misandry, even if in my mind it felt like an act of defense. Men’s accomplishments should not be diminished because of their looks! Unless they are underwear models. That might be the only case where that is okay. But, seriously. I am glad I caught myself. Labeling talented male athletes ugly would just be making the problem worse. I would be just like those anus-faces that were making comments about Marion.

There should not be a list of “5o Ugliest Athletes.” There should not be tweets about how much someone deserves to win Wimbledon based on her appearance. If we all stand in front of the mirror long enough, we will see that we are ALL some sort of ugly, even if we have a full set of teeth. We all have imperfect noses and foreheads and skin and thighs and butts and feet. BUT we are smart and caring and loving and daring and brave and talented! And that is beautiful, and we deserve to feel beautiful. Even Alex Ovechkin.

I think that passion is beautiful. I think that Marion Bartoli is beautiful. I think you are beautiful, too.

Here is a clip from Mean Girls that sums up my feelings about fighting ass-holery with ass-holery:

Have a great weekend! Love each other!

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  1. Wow! I agree. really
    Your family really likes of Alexander (Alex) Ovechkin? It’s beautiful.
    Thanks for the article pity that not many people can read it.
    With best wishes.

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