Monday 101

As I was preparing to post my really up-lifting cartoon (see below), I noticed that this is my ONE HUNDRED AND FIRST POST. Which means that if posts were years, my blog would be 101 years old. If posts were puppies, my blog would be this movie:

Blah blah blah, me me me, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for reading and, as always, Mom — thank you for birthing me.

Anyway, now back to your regularly scheduled Monday, where you click on a link to my blog in hopes of finding a hilarious but heart-warming story about me getting my period at the Chateau Marmont and George Clooney letting me borrow a tampon (true story) (not really). Instead, here is yet another drawing that seeks to define the exquisite pain of migraines. I don’t think I’ve done it yet. Haven’t, um, hit the nail on the head.

migraine bow and arrow

I’d like to think that this cartoon doesn’t just apply to migraines. Everyone has a thing in their lives that is supposed to act completely normal but totally effs everything up by malfunctioning for no good reason. For some, it’s their heads. For others, a bum knee. Or a bum grandma. Or a severe sugar allergy. No matter what your weird ailment is, my heart goes out to you, and I wish you all the advil and sugar free ice cream in the world!

Have a wonderful Monday, and remember that I am still taking suggestions for things to write about in July! Thanks to all who have already contributed — you’ve inspired me!

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