Jenna Marbles’ New Boyfriend: An Obsessive Overprotective Fan’s Guide

Finally, my Facebook super sleuthing skills have come in handy. Check out this article I wrote for
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Warning: this article contains mild internet stalking.

Last December, fans of internet sensation Jenna Marbles were devastated when she announced that she was splitting from her boyfriend of four years, Max Weisz (known on YouTube as MaxNoSleeves). Those who follow her channel – as in, those who almost failed midterms because watching every single one of Jenna’s videos in one sitting felt more important than studying American History – got to know Max through his increasingly frequent cameos on her YouTube channel, where he tried to be as funny and adorable as Jenna but … failed. Yes, he had nice teeth, but Jenna revealed in April through a series of angry Tweets that Max cheated on her and that his “piggy backing” channel no longer had her support.

You go, girl.

In the past few weeks, Jenna’s videos have featured her new beau, Julien Solomita. He’s the one playing Billy Ray Cyrus and showing off his abs in the shower. According to BuzzTube, Jenna hired this beefcake as a bodyguard for her trip to Ireland in February, and fell for him over a pint of Guinness. Because Jenna’s Draw My Life video in March got us teary by speculating that she could still get back together with Max, we weren’t on the lookout for a new boyfriend. The multiple Instagram photos that Jenna and Julien were in together during the spring went right over our heads; we thought he was just another scruffy fan. Read More

6 thoughts on “Jenna Marbles’ New Boyfriend: An Obsessive Overprotective Fan’s Guide

  1. I don’t know who this person is, but I would imagine she’d be proud to know that you have taken such a personal interest in her life. Lucky girl.

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