Musical Mad Libs: Defying Gravity

Confession: Sometimes perfectionism holds me back — big time. I want to sing, but I only want to sing like I’m Barbra Streisand playing Grizabella in Cats. I want to write musical parodies, but I only want to write musical parodies that make Russell Crowe poop his pants. I want to make YouTube videos, but I only want to make YouTube videos that have a chance of winning an Oscar.

Well, that’s no way to live.

In an honest effort to get the eff over my own over-blown expectations and to have some FUN, I’ve decided to publish a weekly YouTube video, whether it’s Oscar-worthy or not. Hence, my new YouTube project, Musical Mad Lib Mondays! You fill out a musical mad lib and I will use what you filled in the blank to write a quick parody. And then I will sing it to you. Right in your face.

This week, I am singing “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. This song always gets me blubbering, but I managed to hold it together for the video — barely. The mad lib I used for inspiration was, “I think I’ll trying defying ________!”

My favorite suggestion was TRAFFIC LAWS. Thinking about how many parking tickets I get on a weekly basis made me so emotional that these lyrics came pretty easily. They don’t rhyme, and some of them don’t fit syllabically, but that’s the beauty of Musical Mad Libs. Or so I have decided.

Check out the video, and help me create next week’s musical mad lib by filling in this blank:
“On my own, pretending he’s _______.”

What’s something that brings out your inner demon perfectionist? Sandwich-making? Jazzersizing? Cat-shaving? Let me know in a comment and we can commiserate.

4 thoughts on “Musical Mad Libs: Defying Gravity

  1. “On my own, pretending he’s hiding from me.”

    “On my own, pretending he’s laughing at me.”

    “On my own, pretending he’s not the one I need beside me.”

    “On my own, pretending he’s dead and gone.”

    Good morning Miss Christina. You have been missed. I wish for you all that is pleasantly wonderful. Happy Happy.

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