Quitting the Gym

Around this time last year, I went to the gym two or three times a week. I had a routine: bop around on the elliptical for about 40 minutes, lift a five-pound weight for about 10 minutes, and then do a bunch of crunches in front of the mirror until I got bored.

My gym offered classes, but I’d arrive late and spend the whole time comparing my body to everyone else’s. It’s really hard to maintain proper downward dog form when you’re eyeballing your neighbor’s waistline.

Even though exercise has always been important to me, I wasn’t really doing anything at the gym. I wasn’t getting fit, I wasn’t kicking butt, and I definitely wasn’t feeling good. In fact, I was barely breaking a sweat. However, I was spending $39 a month on a membership. For a place where I wasn’t really doing anything, the gym was really expensive.

So I quit. And turned to YouTube.

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