Super Bowl XLVII

  When it comes to football, I have very specific methods of picking what team is going to win. Usually it involves how nice the uniforms are (which is why the Bengals are my favorite team), but today I want to get this right, so I did some scientific research (googled who was playing), and […]

Lost in (Google) Translations

My beloved housemate showed me a new internet trend that had us both giggling the other night: Google Translating. You thought Google Translate was only good for helping you flunk your Spanish 101 homework, but guess again! People have been putting lyrics through the Google Machine, changing them from English to Chinese to Russian (and […]

An Obsessive Guide to “Chocolate with Nuts”

CAUTION! This post contains SPOILERS. Don’t be a barnacle brain. Watch the episode here first, and then come back so we can giggle about how amazing it is and how young and free it makes you feel.


So, my esteemed writing colleague and I were having a rather hilarious conversation earlier about … death. Obviously. Everything you’ve heard about writers is true. We are awful. And we talk about death and we will drink all of your free coffee.* *This blogger takes no responsibility for what could be an outright lie. All […]

Your Voice In My Head

“After the session, I stop in a department store to buy red lipstick I don’t need — all red lipstick is red lipstick, no red lipstick is needed. The man behind the NARS counter puts it on me … ‘It’s hard to tell what suits me at the moment because I’ve been crying a lot.’ […]

A List

It is Monday. I have three Word documents, five internet tabs, and one Powerpoint open. I do not want to work. Here is a list of things that I could be doing instead: – Writing a song. – Mowing a lawn. – Walking to a different neighborhood where there are lawns. – Waxing my entire […]

A Small Debate

When I graduated college last year, I was very conscious of my classmates’ fears about the future and the job market and about wanting to become famous but not knowing where to begin. The Catholic University of America, my little nugget of an alma mater, is one of those schools where you feel like you […]

Things You Should Get Credit For More Often

Being on time. Being five minutes early. Being five minutes early with cookies for everyone! Eating three meals a day. Eating three meals a day that have nutritional value. Wearing sunscreen. Walking in heels. Running. Sweating but not smelling. Calling your loved ones. Writing letters. Writing emails. AWESOME GRAMMAR. STELLAR SPELLING. Avoiding the overuse of […]

Perfection Fremenkshun

You should never not do what you want. It can make you real grumpy. I am a firm believer in letting hobbies feel like your life. Sometimes, letting that community theatre gig or Zumba class take up more space in your brain than schoolwork or your desk job makes the days go a little smoother. […]