Ask Me How I’m Feeling: “Ugly Athletes”

I was outraged yesterday when I clicked on this link a friend shared on Facebook. The Public Shaming post shows tweet after tweet calling Marion Bartoli, the 28 year-old Wimbledon champion, ugly. “I don’t want an ugly bitch to win,” says one tweet. Some ask that the tennis star lift her skirt so the world […]

Ask Me How I’m Feeling: Day Changers

A day changer is a sentence or an event or even just a weird eye contact situation that, well, changes your day. Day changers can be both negative and positive, so I’ve indicated which is which with — surprise! — negative and positive signs. You’re welcome. (I had two glasses of wine at lunch, so […]

An Open Letter to Lil Wayne

[This post contains crude language and some crazed lady-ranting. I’m not apologizing. I’m just saying.] Dear Mr. Wayne, Last week, a friend sat me down and insisted I listen to what he deemed “the most misogynistic song to ever exist.” While I usually don’t go¬†out of my way to listen to music that will make […]