Jenna Marbles’ New Boyfriend: An Obsessive Overprotective Fan’s Guide

Finally, my Facebook super sleuthing skills have come in handy. Check out this article I wrote for Warning: this article contains mild internet stalking. Last December, fans of internet sensation Jenna Marbles were devastated when she announced that she was splitting from her boyfriend of four years, Max Weisz (known on YouTube as MaxNoSleeves). […]

My LA Times: Why Isn’t California More Like Clueless?

Colleen Callahan, one of my oldest and dearest friends, traveled 3,000 miles from Maryland to visit me in the city of angels. It’s the film buff’s first time on the West Coast, and I asked her a few questions about her expectations vs realities of the big C.A. What was your idea of California before visiting? It […]

My LA Times: For Good

I am tempted to pose the question: why didn’t N*Sync dance around in their underwear this weekend? But that would lead to all of the other VMA-flustered-related questions I have. Like why didn’t any of the members of One Direction kiss during their performance? Where was Drake’s deli outfit? When when when is Bruno Mars […]

Lady Driver: Ferrari Faux-Pas Extras

The second installment of Lady Driver is HERE!!! And I am so excited to share it with you. Check out the column at and then enjoy these “behind-the-scenes” pictures, which are just shots I took on my iPhone wandering around alone, tourist-style. Have you ever made a really dumb mistake (like calling a Lamborghini […]

My LA Times: DC On My Mind

I have been thinking really hard about the differences between Los Angeles and Washington D.C. LA is so vast, about four DC’s (with all its neighborhoods and basements and trees) could move in and have room for a big entertainment center and probably a front yard. There is no way I will ever see all […]


After a month at home, I am going back to Los Angeles in the morning. I’m feeling incredibly sappy, especially after seeing so many of my friends and family all condensed into this absolutely beautiful weekend. I mostly just want to thank everyone that I’ve seen in DC for the endless pep talks and laughter […]

How To: Pregnancy Tests

I have an announcement to make! I, Christina Marie Wolfgram III have been published. By an online art magazine that isn’t even run by my mom! My excitement is immeasurable, and I can imagine that I must look pretty rabid since the girl who was sitting next to me in the library put down all […]