My LA Times: Why Isn’t California More Like Clueless?

Colleen Callahan, one of my oldest and dearest friends, traveled 3,000 miles from Maryland to visit me in the city of angels. It’s the film buff’s first time on the West Coast, and I asked her a few questions about her expectations vs realities of the big C.A. What was your idea of California before visiting? It […]

My LA Times: DC On My Mind

I have been thinking really hard about the differences between Los Angeles and Washington D.C. LA is so vast, about four DC’s (with all its neighborhoods and basements and trees) could move in and have room for a big entertainment center and probably a front yard. There is no way I will ever see all […]

Ask Me How I’m Feeling: House of Cards

Here are the reasons, in no particular order, why I love House of Cards. (For the record, I am halfway through episode 4, but that happened all in one sitting, so …) 1. Kevin Spacey is talking to me. It feels like we are friends. He totally trusts me above all other people, not unlike […]