Lost in (Google) Translations

My beloved housemate showed me a new internet trend that had us both giggling the other night: Google Translating. You thought Google Translate was only good for helping you flunk your Spanish 101 homework, but guess again! People have been putting lyrics through the Google Machine, changing them from English to Chinese to Russian (and […]

Rejected from Thought Catalog: Over You

Once I get over you, I am going to get a full night’s sleep. Like a grown-up. Which means no teddy bear and no sobbing, I am going to wake up refreshed. I am not going to think about how my day will not include you. I will check my phone without even a hint […]

How To: Let Netflix Ruin Your Life

1. Only watch one show at a time. Make sure each show you pick has at least four seasons so that viewing takes a good chunk out of your “real life.” Or, you can also pick a show like Downton Abbey, which only has two seasons (three, if you aren’t adverse to pirating British people) […]

On Being Tweeted By Russell Crowe

Have I mentioned that I have a dumb phone? Because I do. It has the IQ of a peanut. A peanut that has already been eaten, digested, and reunited with its deceased friends in peanut heaven. IT’S REALLY DUMB. However, I do have to give my dunce of a phone a little credit because it […]

An Obsessive Guide to “Chocolate with Nuts”

CAUTION! This post contains SPOILERS. Don’t be a barnacle brain. Watch the episode here first, and then come back so we can giggle about how amazing it is and how young and free it makes you feel.


After a month at home, I am going back to Los Angeles in the morning. I’m feeling incredibly sappy, especially after seeing so many of my friends and family all condensed into this absolutely beautiful weekend. I mostly just want to thank everyone that I’ve seen in DC for the endless pep talks and laughter […]

Model Citizen

Tomorrow, my lovely friend and photographer, Winston, is going to shoot me. With a camera. Very exciting. There is always an unsettling anxiety about knowing you are going to get your picture taken. Like in eighth grade when I thought my hair was getting darker so I used Sun-In every day for a week before […]

A Les Miserable Review

WARNING: The following review contains SPOILERS and was written by someone whose only authority comes from four years of high school theatre. All questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to Hugh Jackmen. He’s my secretary, and he loves talking on the phone. Sacré blur, where do I begin? First of all, even though I […]